AIA Austin Force Majeure Competition
Entry Video
Fall, 2013 

The objective was to create a Pavilion that met programmatic needs for a parks office on Lake Nokomis. The challenge was to relate the building to the dynamic qualities of the site mainly through recognizing the declining water quality of the lake..

A primary point of consideration is the projected increase in high intensity storms in Minnesota, which, in turn, result in greater levels of stormwater runoff. That fact coupled with the existing poor water quality of the lake make the site’s water a critical issue.

In reaction, the final proposal utilizes a
series of bioswales and raingardens as well as water retention techniques and construction detailing to create a sustainable architectural intervention.


The rain garden between the two structures collects water runoff from the surrounding landscape and buildings themselves. Rather than reaching the lake through impermeable surfaces, the water is given an opportunity to infiltrate slowly into the earth. Additionally, water is stored in reservoir tanks for use as graywater throughout the building.