Fall, 2018 

This semester long design studio focused on the concepts behind the montessori method originally developed by maria montessor in the early twentieth century.

The first objective was the design of a montessori material, an interactive learning tool used in the montessori pedagogy.

The second portion of the studio focused on the creation of the prepared environment, an individual classroom that supported the developmental characteristics and interests of a specific age group of montessori students. The proposed space promotes lively and purposeful engagement in both indoor and outdoor settings.

The final project of the semester was the creation of a gathering space within an existing montessori classroom. My project consolidates the campus and provides a material rich structure that within a grove of existing trees. The design is in stark contrast to the humble nature of the existing campus, that is comprised of a series of co-opted residences that have served as classrooms.


The design exemplifies the montessori ethic in its educational nature, multi-sensory stimulation, self correction, and facilitation of open ended exploration. It tells a story by cycling through different shapes that are representative of the sun, plants, animal, and man. The cyclical nature of the material illustrates how those four elements continuously consume eachother.The material also teaches fine motor skills, basic & sophisticated geometry, and also encourages exploration through its modular design.


Regional Headquarters