︎Dayton’s Repositioning

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mixed Use, Adaptive Re-use

Generations of Minnesotans turned to the original Dayton’s department store not only to fill their closets and furnish their homes, but to discover the world’s greatest and latest. It was more than a one-stop shopping destination. It was a civilizing force, a social and cultural nexus, and a memory maker.

Considering the building’s ideal location within the downtown area , the skyway system, and the city’s changing demographics. The design challenge is to preserve this legacy while making it something entirely new.

The new program offers office space, retail, food and beverage, and entertainment that appeal to an ever younger workforce.

My contributions to the project included both technical and design efforts ranging from documenting the existing structure to design work on the retail and levels of the project. The work shown was produced by my hand asside from the professional renderings.